Leadership development for Individual or Small team participation.

Are you curious about how others see you? Do you seek continual growth in your Leadership Abilities?

June 13, 2019 is Your next opportunity to participate in The Natural Leader, Award Winning Programs.

The Reins of Responsibility is a hands-on Leadership development program through activities with a horse. Explore key concepts of leadership from well know sources such as Emotional Intelligence & A Whole New Mind.

The Natural Leader has been exploring Leadership through Horsemanship for the past 15 years, working with thousands of individuals to explore Leadership Presence, Emotional Intelligence and the practices of The Leadership Challenge through interactions with horses. That is a lot of footprints in the sand!

The challenge with leadership programming is without a behavior shift, the learning is kind of like leaving a footprint in the sand….. the steps can easily disappear.

Making your own behaviors visible to you is something horses do very well.

In his book “A Whole New Mind” – Daniel Pink speaks to the qualities future leaders require in order to determine personal and professional success. He suggests they are the creators and empathizers; those who can recognize patterns and make meaning, those who can shift from the logical and linear to the lateral. Pink refers to it as High Concept & High Touch thinking.

High Concept he suggests is the ability to detect patterns and opportunities, craft a satisfying narrative and combine seemingly unrelated ideas into something new. High Touch the ability empathize with others and find joy in self and elicit in the same in others in the pursuit of meaning.


Horses are pattern seekers and rely on behaviors or the non-verbal for communication. Everything means something, but are we aware of the behaviors that may be helping or hindering us? The Reins of Responsibility is a High Touch experience where your actions and the emotional responses or reactions are immediately fed back to you from the horse.

This full day program is a combination of classroom discussion; hands-on activities with a horse and arena debriefings. You will become the creator of your connections as to how you show up in the arena and the workplace.

Leadership Development that will:

  • Support your personal leadership goals in a meaningful way
  • Help you experience an awareness of self you may not have previously recognized
  • Handle The Reins of Responsibility to discover emotional triggers that show up in the workplace
  • Identify habits and behaviours that require conscious application in the workplace

You benefit from our 14 years of experience delivering effective, meaningful programs to thousands of individuals. Organizations such as: ATBFinancial, Sanjel Inc., Shell Canada and Nexen to list but a few believe in the benefits horses can offer.

We are confident your partner from The Natural Leader herd will help you define your own personal Leadership Moment and clarify what Leadership Behaviors will need to strengthen.

Commitment: June 13, 2019 – 9 am – 4 pm $750 + GST
Location: Calgary, Alberta


# of Participants

Programs delivered in an indoor arena right in the City of Calgary!  Easy access off of Stoney Trail N.W. Our University of Calgary Continuing Education program Leadership: From Horse Sense to People Smarts programs always filled up quickly. We look forward to you joining us.