Jack_SheridanRiding is simply the act of not falling off. Horsemanship is where the art lies.

Whether your goal is to gain confidence in the saddle. Develop a better awareness of what you do is impacting your horse, or you have a horse that is more of a challenge than you expected. Let me give you the support to get a few more miles under your saddle.

For the past 30 years Nancy has been pursuing the art of horsemanship. Through that time she has ridden with some pretty fine horsemen. It was the perspective of Ray Hunt that changed everything. Nancy now rides or audit’s with Ray’s student, Buck Brannaman as many times as she can each year. Riding with Buck introduced Nancy to the idea of Stockmanship and she continued to explore that skill with Martin Black. Whenever a neighbor needs help moving cows she will happily assist. Sadly she has discovered roping is not one of her strengths!


Horsemanship Options

What question would change in how you see yourself? Your horse? Nancy is skilled at asking the right question to help you see the role you have in your progress. Nancy has gained a fair bit of experience developing her own horses and starting horses for others. From starting colts to bringing along snaffle bit and hackamore horses. She is working toward developing a bridle horse.

2 – 3 Day – 1-on-1 private coaching

2 – 3 Day – 1-on-1 private coaching

Clinics are great addition to your horsemanship journey. However, a clinic once a year leaves a lot of days in between. How do you avoid “perfecting your mistakes”? These custom days work on what you need.

Weekly Coaching

Weekly Coaching

Being soft means nothing if you are not effective. There is nothing like getting out into hundreds of acres of space to learn if you are effective and getting to your horse’s feet. Arena works helps develop that.

Horsemanship isn't a Wardrobe Issue

Horsemanship isn't a Wardrobe Issue

Have a group? - set up a mini-clinic of 2.5-3hrs; 3 to 6 riders your arena or mine (seasonal) The Power of Transitions - slowing the go horse or speeding up slow horse, transitions are the key to a responsive and light horse.

Nancy believes learning is about hearing the right thing, at the right time.

“I came to Nancy to work on changing my horse, little did I expect the greatest changes would be in ME. Nancy started with questions which encouraged me to simply just observe each moment and take note of what was happening.  At first I wasn’t sure what Nancy meant, but I followed her direction and would ride through what my horse was throwing at me. I was taking less of what my horse doing and more of what I was doing back in response….

 … all of the sudden it hit me like a wall… I couldn’t actually control WHY it was happening, there’s a million reasons why my horse could be behaving like a jerk. The only thing I could truly control was HOW I REACTED in the moment. So, I let go of the why … by changing my attitude about how I responded.

They say horses are a mirror to our soul. Sometimes we aren’t sure how to perceive what we are seeing. That is where Nancy’s clinic helped. Communication and encouragement to observe and reflect not only the horse, but myself as well. It’s something really cool that I’ve not seen anywhere else.

Thank you Nancy for helping bring this incredible awareness into my life. Now I can be better for myself and my horses. – Jess Middleton, Okotoks, AB

What’s involved:

– assess where you and your horse are at & what you might want to work on

– ride – down the road; out in the field perhaps even with a few cows

– take what you learned in the arena and apply it when the environment changes

– sessions 1-3 hrs depending on what shows up with you & your horse. It’s always best to stop when things are going well!

Mini- Clinics What’s Included:

Private sessions & Board for your horse – 2 – 1/2 day sessions – separate pen for your horse – hay – 2 days $300

3 days – 3 – 1/2 day sessions – $400.  Following the mini clinic ongoing sessions can be arranged here or at your place.

Location: Balzac Alberta – Outdoors – arena; round pen; fields & gravel roads little to no traffic. Hauling can be arranged – if loading is an issue that can be a session.

Parking available for your trailer. Trailering available if you don’t have one.

Half day, Full day or Multi-day sessions for one or more available at my home location or your facility. Travel rates may apply. Individual hourly coaching $75 hr all prices are +GST

Drop me a note or give me a call 403.669.3666 to inquire how I might be able to help you develop the relationship you desire with your horse.