Jack_SheridanRiding is simply the act of not falling off. Horsemanship is where the art lies.

Whether your goal is to gain confidence in the saddle. Develop a better awareness of how what you do is impacting your horse or you simply need support to get a few more miles under your saddle. I’d love to help.

Nancy rode for the first time at six. Six more years of persistence paid off when her parents gave in and Little Joe became the centre of her world. Those years were simply learning how to not fall off.

For the past thirty years Nancy has been pursuing the art of horsemanship. Through that time she has ridden with some pretty fine horsemen. It was the perspective Ray Hunt brought to her awareness that changed everything. Nancy now rides or audit’s with Ray’s student, Buck Brannaman. Stockmanship became another interest through working with Buck. Nancy continued to explore that skill with Martin Black. Whenever a neighbor needs help moving cows she will happily assist. Sadly roping is not one of her strengths!

Nancy believes learning from others is about hearing the right thing, at the right time.

She has gained a fair bit of experience developing her own horses. From starting a limited number of colts each year to bringing along snaffle bit and hackamore horses, she is working on developing a bridle horse.

Horsemanship isn’t a wardrobe issue. Regardless of what your passion is there is much to learn about working with a horse to allow him to give you his best. Whether you are just starting out and need a reliable and responsive mount or have a horse of your own that you are working to better understand. Nancy offers monthly or sessional rates depending on your requirements.

Drop me a note or give me a call 403.669.3666 to inquire how I might be able to help you develop the relationship you desire with your horse.