zoe-ruthImagine ….a leadership experience that leaves a lasting impression. Learning that is as unique and personal as each individual. Learning that inspires and supports core values that lead to a productive team.

Awareness is the first step to behavioral change. The relationship between horse and handler is the metaphor, a mirror. What shows in the arena often reflects what happens when we are out of our comfort zone in the workplace. Interactions with a horse illustrates how trust and clear expectations are the foundation of effective leadership and team collaboration.

Our Open Participation Program The Reins of Responsibility – February 2020, Calgary AB – heated indoor arena

Through active hands-on activities with a horse experience leadership is about understanding the impact of:
• our role as a leader
• awareness of self
• listening is physical
• being truly present in relationship with others
• recognition & reward
• effective communication

What makes us effective as Leaders is how we respond in the moment.

Give your team a clear advantage with The Natural Leader programs. Leadership theory such as Emotional Intelligence, The Leadership Challenge or the ideas in Fierce Conversations is immediately put into practice with hands-on activities with horses. Our “Hold your Horses” process checks throughout the activities allow for personal observation and reflection so participants make the connections from the arena to the workplace.

Participants will leave with a better understanding that Leadership:
• is personal not physical power
• is not about title—it is about the relationships you develop
• is earned through demonstrating behavior & gaining trust.

The format of a session can be modified based on team expectations, assessments and individual input. Previous horse experience is not required.

Leadership and Team Programs are available in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta and through our network of providers around the globe.

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