Handing Over the Reins of Responsibility


These Reins of Responsibility are offered as a token of appreciation for believing what The Natural Leader could offer employees of ATBFinancial.

The past four years have been a tremendous gift and we hope this simple acknowledgement serves as a reminder of the opportunity you have given others. Handing over The Reins of Responsibility as they pursue their careers and dreams.

The parallels between Leadership and Horsemanship are no clearer than through the reins. The lines of communication connecting horse and rider through the most sensitive parts of our bodies, mouth to hands.

The Romal Reins mean both rider and horse have attained a high level of accomplishment. All the tasks required of the horse can be executed in one hand. The horsemanship abilities of the rider have developed so they can maintain an engaged, high performing bridle horse. A level of achievement that can only be attained through time with patience and vigilance.

The tradition of making a bridle horse comes from an era when we needed a reliable parter to complete a job in sometimes unpredictable and unforgiving circumstances. There are no shortcuts, force and power have no place in the making of a bridle horse.

The reins are but one part of the bridle. The head stall carries the bit in the horses mouth. The reins attach to the bit by a set of rein chains, together ensuring the balance of the bit so intent can be communicated with the lightest of touch.

The features of the Romal Reins are quite specific. The single piece ensures a constant length of each rein so the smallest of adjustment communicates a change. The rawhide is light and pliable, the  decorative elements or buttons, are located to add weight, balance and light pressure at particular points along the neck of the horse. The name comes from the bat at the end of the reins, the romal. Here too decorative elements add weight, the romal a reminder of consequence.

Some will rush to use these reins before either horse or rider are ready, sadly that is when the humans most sensitive touch can become harsh. These reins are a reminder, as a leader or a horseman, responsibility is ongoing to find the support and guidance needed to achiever result over romal.

Perhaps at one point you may turn these reins over, with the meaning of the responsibility you have gained through your leadership journey. We have been honored to be a part of the learning of so many at ATBFinancial.