Available NOW – Leadership is NOT a Wardrobe Issue. Considering starting a business with horses or have been building a business over the years and need some inspiration? This will be an indispensable reference tool. Nancy has put her 15 years of experience with The Natural Leader into more than 100 pages of information, tips, and wisdom.

Leadership is NOT a Wardrobe Issue covers 3 areas – The Business of offering Leadership with Horses and how horsemanship has influenced the work of The Natural Leader; Activities to Consider with contributions from partners in Australia and Luxembourg who also focus on Leadership work. Lesson plans on delivery, coaching and the lessons learned along the way; Coachable Moments – pulled from horsemanship learnings. This section applies to those one-on-one conversations. Coachable Moments draws from the experience Nancy has gained starting horses over the years connecting the two through questions.

Leadership is NOT a Wardrobe Issue is Offered in three options – pick the package that best suits where you want to get to. The coaching sessions will follow your agenda, Nancy will provide any additional supporting materials she believes will help you get to the next step.


The Complete Package
  • Print version -  Leadership is Not a Wardrobe Issue & digital download of book
  • • ebooks - Creating Exceptional Leaders; Vol 1 & 2 Games People Play; In Business to Define
  • • Supporting digital materials - questionnaires; forms and charts
  • • 2 hours virtual coaching
  • Over $750 in total Value
The Starter Package
  • • Digital Download of Leadership is Not a Wardrobe Issue
  • • choice of Vol 1&2 Games People play or Creating Exceptional Leaders through Learning with Horses & In Business to Define
  • • 1 hour virtual coaching session
  • Over $400 in Value
The eBook
  • Digital Download of The Natural Leaders latest ebook "Leadership is Not a Wardrobe Issue"
  • • In Business to Define ebook

So what will you find in the more than 100 pages of
Leadership is NOT a Wardrobe Issue?

Why Does it take a Lifetime to Learn?
• The Idea for this book
• It’s not a One Size Fits All Deal
• How Did you Get Here?
• What is the one thing you want participants to walk away with?
• An Invitation

Applying Horsemanship Principles to Leadership
• What is Horsemanship?
• Interpreting Behavior
• A Horse’s Perspective

Benefits of Leadership through Experiential Learning
• Experiential Learning
• What is a better Question?
• The Awareness Wheel
• Critical thinking
• Feeling vs Acting
• Emotional Intelligence
• W.A.I.T.
• Safety first

The Business of Creating Great Programs 
• Why Leadership Development programs fail
• Barriers to Success
• Providing Value
• What TED can offer
• Things Learned Along the Way
• How can this book help you?

In lesson plan format with Notes from the Arena – lessons learned along the way delivering leadership work

Coachable Moments
Whether you are doing one-on-one work or working with an individual within a group. Sometimes you need to pull out a specific concept or idea that will resonate for that individual.


Packages include:


Add on a Coaching Session – $250 hr CDN

How to build your business to success – define what you want to do and how to get where you wish to be.

Coaching sessions set to your agenda – package sessions 3 for $600 CDN

prices are in Canadian dollars; Canadian clients GST will apply.





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