findrhythmThe Natural Leader programs are truly Experiential Learning. Up to 10 participants work one-on-one with a horse, for team experiences we can partner up to 25 people. The intention of each experience is to provide a new perspective that supports and explores the Leadership Concepts you already know. Why is what you already know working? …. or not?

We Walk Your Talk – working with you to create a day that fits your needs, your team and the outcomes you would like to see. The Natural Leader herd offers a profound way to embody Leadership learning. Programs are available year round in the comfort of a heated indoor arena.

Horsemanship – If better understanding your own horse is your goal. One-on-one horsemanship coaching is possible at your place or mine. Contact me to find out more. Horsemanship Options >>

The Environment Supports The Natural Leader herd, so living in a Sustainable Manner is Important to Us!


We are dedicated to the conservation of our natural world, the care and protection of our animals/horses and giving back.
The environment is what supports us, so caring for the land we live on is important for the success of The Natural Leader herd.
Grazing is one of the basic instincts of a horse. A horse is designed to move and graze and are quite happy doing that up to 20 hours a day! The herd lives together and that social structure, keep them sane and engaged. Like us humans, horses need the company of others!
Horses in a confined space are hard on grass, so field rotation and supplementing their grazing with hay helps us minimize the impact on the fields and prevent invasive species from taking over. It’s a day by day measure and each year is different as rain determines the success of the grass, where and when we let the horses graze is all carefully watched.
The Natural Leader Herd Story
The herd has arrived here from various sources – the auction pen; the meat pen; people who can no longer care for their horses; people who bought a horse thinking it would be like a quad, one you could just start up and go; and then the younger ones that well they seemed like a good idea at the time. I refuse to say I rescued them as we both arrived at the same place at some point in time and it’s hard to say who has gained the most from these chance encounters.
The Natural Leader herd currently ranges from ages two to twenty two and every single horse has a job. While the horses do enjoy interacting with people, too much too often and they become like dull production line workers. Just another human to deal with.
So just as we rotate the herd through the fields, making sure we can rotate horses through programs ensures that people get a fair interaction with their partner for the day. The horse remains curious and engaged when interactions with strangers is occasional.
Aiming for Zero Waste
Our home location is a “low” waste operation as everything you put into a horse goes back on the land. In recent years we have even been able to recycle the twine that binds the hay. We have a small flock of chickens who consume any leftovers and I’m pretty sure they are excited to see me after a program day.
and bees ahh the bees Nancy is currently trying to keep up with two hives and loves it when the honey collecting is OVER for the year. Word of advice help someone with the harvest before you decide to invest in a bee hobby.
Getting Around
Yes a truck is a necessary for hauling the herd but to get me around I prefer my easier to park and trusty 2003 Toyota Matrix. My husband built up a beautiful Soma frame into a bicycle that gets used for short trips, perhaps to the movies.
Just as we try and minimize our impact at home, we do the same in our programs.

Reduce & ReUse
We Reuse by providing you with real plates, cutlery and mugs and we Recycle whatever we can.

After all there is very little unusable waste when a horse is done!

Giving back is something that was instilled by my family at a young age. I am proud to say I have been supporting a sustainable school program in Darjeeling India for over 30 years. Along with my husband we support the Calgary & Cochrane SPCA fostering many, many dogs and puppies and donate often to local Alberta Wildlife Rescue Centre.
The Natural Leader has donated to many silent auctions and actively volunteers and supports numerous organizations. Each year we contribute to RedCross and are happy to support friends and clients in their fund raising efforts.