kidsbuttsIt took a few of years of people asking, and we have added in a horsemanship program for youth. The focus is the same, Leadership through Horsemanship, we just happen to get off the ground and onto the horses more!

Our target age group for all of these programs is 10-13 – and so far it just happens to be mostly girls. Go figure!

Our programs for 2014
July 21-24 – This Ain’t No Pony Ride¬†for participants of previous The Natural Leader programs or those with a good foundation who have already been riding for a while.


Lead Mare Mentorship – yup I’m the Lead Mare and each year I take on a few keen students interested in pursuing their horsemanship. One-person-One-horse means there is a relationship, not one or two horses packing around everyone.

So when people ask you what kind of horse you ride you can say “I ride an OPH” or Other peoples horses, but when you are ready for your own horse you have a pretty good foundation as to what that means.

Contact Nancy for more details