“Never say WHOA in a mud hole.”

“As hard as I work in the office I will also spend hours in the arena to perfect a maneuver. … You don’t just buy that horse and go into the arena and win, you have to earn it.” Terri Holowath

“What I always found dealing with a horse or a human everybody has a history. You want to be cognitive of that history but you don’t want to pack it more than they do.” Murray McGonigle

“as I learned well through my teenage years, my impatience was never rewarded with good performance.”

Allison Wright

“There is no free ride. From the moment you get on your horse to the minute you get off, you are working and doing something, you are never just sitting.

Leaders are the same, there is no time when you are just present without really being there, just occupying the chair.” Eva Friesen

“Is being Lucky to do what you love the end game? Or is it the process”

“Riding is simply the act of not falling off, horsemanship is where the art lies.”

Albert Einstein wrote, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

“Two philosophies of leadership have been growing up in parallel. On the one hand is the philosophy that espouses the natural, the gentle, the judicious, the humane. On the other, the rough and severe. Both philosophies of training produced well trained organizations, but only one also produced well-trained leaders.” 
Paul Belasik, Exploring Dressage Technique

“How can I trust your yes, if you can’t say No?”